The night of the black out!


In the month of October I went to a comedy show case at my school. Once the show case was over a friend of mine asked me to come hang out with him and his friend at his homeboy house. As usual we played a little drinking game that got me all the way fucked up! Once the game was over, the lights was down and music was blasting, the night went over board. To inform you when I get intoxicated I have an extremely high sexual appetite. I started to give this cute guy a lap dance and from what I was told I was kissing him. I wasn’t aware because I blacked out. So when I came back to my senses I remember going home with him and I went into his room and laid on the bed and after that I don’t remember what happened. When I woke up the next morning in his bed I remember feeling a little satisfied for some odd reason. Now I know I didn’t have sex because I told him I was a virgin still, I know virgins are rare in this day in age, but in my dream I felt like I did something sexual with him. So I asked him what had happened and he looked at me and said “you don’t remember?”. Me looking puzzled I simply responded no. So he replied by saying he needed to wash his sheets because of me. A few weeks later he told me what had actually happened and what happened was that I got pleasured with fingers. Was I upset? Not at all! 


About Pepperstep

I am a proud leo and a 2nd year College Student who is advancing on her 3rd pretty soon while also looking into becoming Military Bound. I wanted to start blogging about my life and other events that affect me. I look forward to sharing my entries with you all since I have found my it as my new way of understanding myself and the situations around me. Be ready to gaze into the mind of Me.

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